Monday, July 26, 2010

New Family Member

Peet Teet

Peet Teet1

Peet Teet2

She’s the newest member of the family. Of all the kitten wondering around in the neighbourhood I pick her. Till today I still wondering to myself why did I pick her. It was one night after watching England game that I heard she cried or something else under a car. I told my wife there’s a kitten crying under the car. I just pulled her underneath the car without looking hoping not to grab anything else apart from her. I also don’t even know how she would look like. So when I pulled her underneath the car, walla there she is…looking confuse and scared. My wife gently tuck her in her arms so that she would not feel threaten. Also we don’t know its a she…we were hoping a he actually. We lost one cat after he fell 13th storey from our home. It took us a while to recover from the trauma of losing a cat especially my wife and my daughter. So we name her Peet Teet. She has 19 black toes and 1 pink one, 4 white socks, medium size tail, plenty of long whiskers, furry hair and I think she’s mixed of something. Then she very active running around and it took awhile for our Moo to accept her. After few days of scenting or sniffing around finally Moo accept her as one of the family. Just hope the relationship would last for a very long time or till death do us apart.