Sunday, September 19, 2010

Desa Balqis @ Kuala Linggi – Pool Construction

Pool @ Desa Balqis

Pool Construction 1

Pool Construction 2

Pool Construction 3

Pool Construction

Pool Construction 5

Pool Construction 4

As months goes by, I have the pleasure watching this magnificent yet completed place called Desa Balqis developing from just ordinary bushes by the seaside overlooking the longest straits in the world ( I guess only) and becoming more uniquely places of which I am personally not sure what would it suppose to be like any tourist or beach goers wanted to be. As for now, I am sure that the construction of the new pool will be an attraction for the place as I believe this would be the one and only pool in Kuala Linggi. So if the readers to correct me on my statement please do so on the comments as maybe I might be wrong. Unless there is or are swimming pools around the area. Mainly the reason I am writing this is just merely of what I think of the place and I took some shots just because I am bored waiting for my boss planning the finishing touch to it and also the deadline they need to meet. So under the very,very, very hot sun after few months of my last burns on my body I manage to come out of from idealess dumb head on how I wanted to shot what’s in front of me. What amazed me so much is that how fast and efficient these worker in completing their task. There are 5 teams working on this pool consists of general constructions of the pool, tiles men, pool water system, gazebo men and wiring guys. All of them are hand in hand systematically building this pool from scratch. Lastly, the unique thing is that there are no plans, design, mechanical and electrical plans or what so ever in building the pool….it’s all in my boss head. Believe me, I am not bluffing or exaggerating….


  1. very beautiful pictures, especially i like the originality of the "theme"...
    Bye !!

  2. kuala linggi it's my home town...

  3. aZuMaya: Tq for dropping bye. Glad to know that.