Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mr. Bojangles…

Version 1

Version 2

This song has become one of my favorites songs of all time. The reason being is that I actually really grow listening to this song when I was young. My old folks and uncles would spin this song in the house every time they have the chance plus many others famous singer. But this the only song I could remember for different reason that was I got a good smack on the my head and butt really bad for being naughty while this song was playing. So, what a way to a remembering once a bad experience each time I heard this song. Nothing special really about it but just a painful 4-5 years old boy growing up in a broken family.  

Pulp Fiction - Official Trailer [1994]

Pulp Fiction adalah salah satu daripada banyak2 movie yang telah aku tengok sejak awal 90an lagi. Mula-mula aku tak kenal pengarah ni (Quentin Tarantino), setelah aku diperkenalkan dengan karya-karya sebelumnya Reservoir Dogs(1992) akhirnya aku sentiasa mengikuti perkembagan dia ni. Lepas tu dia release pulak karya seperti Jackie Brown(1997), Kill Bill 1 & 2(2003-2004), Death Proof (2007) dan Inglourious Basterds (2009). Jalan ceritanya yang klasik menampilkan beberapa karekter dan dicampurkan pulak dengan elemen muzik 70an, Surfing serta country. Filem ini juga mengangkat semula karier John Travolta yang pudar kembali semula ke lime light. Seperti aku jangkakan, Samuel L Jackson dengan lakonan yang berkesan dicampurkan dengan adegan-adegan 'adults only' menambahkan lagi spice dalam cerita. Kepada sesiapa yang belum tengok cerita ni pergi lah cari mana-mana DVD vendor tapi kena tahan duduk sebab ceritanya dalam 3 jam.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bangsawan 5 Bersaudara

This much anticipated children’s theatre called Lima Bersaudara (5 siblings I think) was held in Panggung DBKL last December come with a very warm review and the response was great and has been sold out from day 1. This theatre was rewarded as the first of its kind in Malaysia and recorded in Malaysia Book’s Of Record. Kudos to Mr. Zulkarnain Ramly as the director of this theatre for making it happened. I am very lucky to watch it with my family and had a few shots though its tough to shot with unsuitable lenses but nevertheless here are the shots that I feel worth sharing. 

Engagement 2010 Photography Experience…

Eda Engagement4
Eda Engagement3
I am truly privilege to witness an engagement ceremony of my colleague Eda somewhere in Bagan Datuk ( I think…). As I never had any experience in wedding/engagement photography so here’s my result. You guys be the judge of that. With my limited imagination and creativity, I can’t see how do I do from the scale of 1 to 10. But here are the best out of this, I got the change to see other peoples lives and culture cause here in Bagan Datuk there are plenty of Javanese speaking or non speaking to mingle with especially with Eda’s mum and dad. This family welcomes me and my family to their home with an open arm and warm welcome. Since this is my very first trip to this part of the country, I am really glad to see plenty of things, the scenery and the peoples from all walks of life. However, I love the food because of its simplicity, exotic and authentic especially the “ikan masin”. Me and wife couldn’t stop thinking about it as its tastes different from any other “ikan masin” from where we came from and still we are crazy about it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CHANGE your thoughts and the world around you CHANGE…


I just that all that I wish for this will change as my title. Actually I am sick over this few nonsense outstanding works since last January 2010 because of some indecisive decisions. This I was summoned to Malaysia Tourism Information Centre (MATIC) because water spillage by marine aquarium our  company rented out to them. In actual fact the spillage was due to power failure of which the water pump filter system making a reverse entry that caused overflow. This is the 3rd time happening for the past 3 years. I have been reminding the company to change the whole water system since early January 2010 but my words fallen to deaf ears. Yesterday I manage to propose to the management of MATIC that we need change to whole system and awards us the rental contract for some amount of which I cannot reveal. They agreed but my boss propose otherwise as he see different way since the whole idea was to make money!. So… I have to comeback to my sketches and reevaluate my cost again. Damned! Back to the drawing board whatever they called it…