Monday, January 24, 2011

Engagement 2010 Photography Experience…

Eda Engagement4
Eda Engagement3
I am truly privilege to witness an engagement ceremony of my colleague Eda somewhere in Bagan Datuk ( I think…). As I never had any experience in wedding/engagement photography so here’s my result. You guys be the judge of that. With my limited imagination and creativity, I can’t see how do I do from the scale of 1 to 10. But here are the best out of this, I got the change to see other peoples lives and culture cause here in Bagan Datuk there are plenty of Javanese speaking or non speaking to mingle with especially with Eda’s mum and dad. This family welcomes me and my family to their home with an open arm and warm welcome. Since this is my very first trip to this part of the country, I am really glad to see plenty of things, the scenery and the peoples from all walks of life. However, I love the food because of its simplicity, exotic and authentic especially the “ikan masin”. Me and wife couldn’t stop thinking about it as its tastes different from any other “ikan masin” from where we came from and still we are crazy about it.

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