Friday, February 18, 2011

For my mom...I love you

It took me almost a week to pick myself up and start update this blog. As some of you readers know by now that I have lost someone very dear to me that is my mom last week (12.02.2011). She passed away after battling for a number of years from hearts and kidney problems. Sometimes I do wonder whether this is her time to go or not . Maybe I am selfish that God took her from me without my consent but deep inside my heart too that I have to let her go. Each time seeing her laying in bed with the life support really had an effect on me. Every moment I could not bear to see her suffer. The tears in her eyes looking at me without saying anything is still in my head. As the song suggest if only I could make heaven that I could spend a little more time with her. Miss you already mom. No more stories to tell, no more jokes to laugh, no more fighting for TV channel and no more 'sungkei' (breaking fast) together definitely. But one thing will never will always in my you mom. 

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