Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are you a photographer or cameramen?

To me...I never wanted to be either one of them. Just want photography as a hobby, or therapy and something to calm me down or stressing me down. That's all...but still I do need to learn all the basics of photography. Not just point and shoot as the most common Malaysian do in anything they do. For instance football...Everyone thinks they know how to play football but the fundamental, the basic, the technique are the most we are lacking of. Only few years then after much losing and embarrassment then they start with the basics...Enough said just read and understand it....


What’s the difference between a Photographer and a Cameraman?

Let me give you some history. Many years ago, when photography was kicking off in Malaysia, most people who became photographers were people who didn’t have a high level of education, and didn’t have a good command of English. They figured it’s easy to become a photographer. “Just point and shoot only mah,” was the motto. Learn the techniques to expose a picture, learn developing negatives and printing. You didn’t need a lot of education to do that.

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