Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AIM blunder at a cost of Yuna


On the 18th time AIM awards took place, then they make a simple mistake at a cost this young singer/songwriter. Anyway who gives a shit whether she won or lose but to me it’s a very,very bold move by those pricks in AIM to announce that they have made a mistake. A big salutes to them. Admitting  they are wrong and humble enough to took back the award and re-award it to the eventual winner Anuar Zain. Hahaha…ain’t that something? 


And this dude awkwardly received it back from Yuna after she got up to the stage and say a word or two for her fans. Anyway its not the whole scene I am commenting, its just how our music industry grows…instead of keep improving and may some hiccups along the way too, 18 years was never enough for them to grow up and learned. Oh also I believe they blame a well known audit company was behind it and seems likely they rising some eyebrows whether this company will getting the job next year…hmmmmmm.

Monday, November 28, 2011