Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Photography

Bubur Kacang

Pecan Afgan Cookies

Here's another set of photo about food over the weekend. The cookies tastes great and the bubur kacang very good for nice cozy Sunday afternoon while watching tv. Love the bubur kacang either serve chill or hot.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why are we still easily get conned…

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The Star highlighted “Rich widow conned of 5 million”(read here) of has become a major talk of most “cakap kosong” over teh tarik at any Mamak stalls or Kopitiam this week apart from Lee Chong Wei injury or Ambiga’s retaliation aftermath Bersih 3.0. I personally feel bad about her losing her wealth so easily and I am wondering now how she copping with her loses or what was on her mind at this moment. Mentally I believe she must have been thru a tremendous pressure on how could this happened to her. Maybe I cannot presume or making assumption but partly I believe she was a target of highly skilled con team that has done plenty of preps or research on her. Most of scams or con jobs targeting lonely women, greed or naivety thus making most of Malaysian women are easy target to fall for these type of scams or con jobs.
Sometimes lonely women plus naivety will be a very easy prey to these type scam as many were reported. I personally ever heard these stories that really happened in my own circle of people due to loneliness plus stupidity (should I rephrase naivety) and obsessed about marrying wealthy Ang Moh like those Cinderella type of real life fairytale. These dumbass women used to be from straight narrow minded looking for decent life suddenly become alive, cheerful and cocky once their Facebook new acquaintance confess their love destiny. With the promises of plenty of gifts, the stars, the moon or $$$ these dumbass women start melting or cair (Malay terms for passionate love) and willing to do anything for her love. From little things to life planning has everything got to do with Ang Moh life styles, food, home d├ęcor after these women started to live in the dreamland.
Then this become trickier once the so called Ang Moh having so called problem as he is about to come to visit his dream girl. Passport problem lah, money not in lah, business venture problem lah, bla bla bla but like I said once these dumbass women cair, nothing can change their or stop them to meet their dream prince Ang Moh. Some of these women will do anything and as usually money will be the best remedy to cure all the love destiny. I do understand that the women sometimes resort to borrowing money from relatives, selling off their properties, drain out their life saving and some succumbs to stealing just to fulfill the need of love.
On contrary, I do personally amaze on how these con artist work. These people really put an effort driven by money and greed just to get what they want. They would spend time and effort chatting online, smooth talking, mooching or sweet talk just to get these women melting on their feet. Perhaps I should learn a lesson or two on how to sweet talk my wife from them. By the end of the day, why must these happen to our society? Didn’t we ever learned from the stories before this or sniffed that it’s a scam after all? Even our life did not become as we dreamt it would be, we should be grateful and live to the fullest as we should deserve. Happiness sometimes does not mean by having big home, premium cars, designers goods but with little bit of faith, always grateful and felt blessed surrounded by true friends and family yet will do too. I believe any religion in the world do agree with me, thru faith one can found happiness. If that you looking in life then start open our hearts and believe in it…. 
Anything about scam/con jobs here and also read here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food photography

Pineapple Tart
Another experiment using 2 flash for my food photography. A simple symbiotic arrangement with my wife as she cook or baked, I will do the photography for her and also enjoy her final results…

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food Photography….Beginners Shot


Chocolate Brownies Walnut

beef lasagna

Food photography is something new to me to experiment.  So here are some of the end result of it.

Menteri dan kameranya

Saya berada di Gua Musang, Kelantan pagi semalam sempena majlis perasmian Karnival 1Malaysia yang dirasmikan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri. Ketika ucapan perasmian YAB Perdana Menteri, saya tertarik dengan gelagat YB Menteri KPKK dengan kameranya. Saya ‘collage’kan 4 shot beliau dengan kameranya ketika berada di pentas semasa PM berucap. Setiap acara yang melibatkan ramai orang YB Menteri KPKK pasti tak akan melepaskan peluangnya untuk mengambil gambar dari POVnya.