Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My favorite mistake...

Mistake 1
F25.0 | 25.0s | ISO 800

As a beginner in photography, nothing more pleasing when I thought that I manage to to take a good photo especially in my situation like above. I did every new fellow in photography, get a tripod (mine is cheap but new from Cash Converter) and attached a camera then set it manual to F25.0| 25s| ISO 800. Wolla!!!...I thought I nailed till I post it in Facebook learning photography group that indirectly giving out tips or lessons to photographer wannabe like me. According to them, I do not need to cranked my ISO up to 800 but ideally should be between 100-200, then my aperture   should be between F8-F16 so that I won't get too much glared on the tip of my Petronas Twin Towers. So I took that as a really good advice but they also told that I need to shoot during the Golden Hours that is dusk or dawn. Ok, that is all I need to re shoot another photo like this in the same spot. So here come my mistake number 2.

Mistake 2
F11.0 | 5.0s | ISO 200

Well in this photo, things looking good (I guess), I waited from 6.45pm and took few snaps, some adjustments, framing re framing, set my camera with the right set up and tested a from a few settings and then came that golden hours but yet I still I can't seems to get it right. My twin towers look very over-expose because of long shutter speed. Little that I realized that my golden hours is up! My favorite mistake is that I should  reduce my f-stop about to 2 f-stops in order to reduce the OE on the towers. Duuhhhhh!!!

As from now on, I will try to post a few landscape theme photo and being beginner myself I know there are plenty of things to learn. I hope each photo improve slightly then the previous uploads. Keep my finger crossed, keep learning and just keep on learning that it will turn out to be satisfactory if not better.


  1. Great blog, Kenneth, loved it.
    Cheers from Argentina!

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    Saw that you are now following my blog so I thought I'd pay you a visit. I am pleasantly surprised I must say. The food blog messages do not interest me that much but they do make my mouth water! I do like your other photography thought. This blog post is very much to my liking. I love especially the second picture as the sky also plays an important part here. Amazing cityscape! I wish I could make mistakes like these. I'll visit you again soon.

    Regards, Robert